Specially selected for their unique taste, our rare range of greens and edible bulbs are prepared using only the finest traditional pickling methods. A perfect match with other meze dishes like taramasalata or to accompany lentil soup and other pulses.

GALATSIDA (pickled wild greens)
Every single jar is handmade, from cooking to bottling and packed with care. There are no added flavoring or additives. All fruits are of limited quantities, are grown locally, and picked at the right time to maintain its flavors.
10,50 €
Samphire, rock samphire, sea fennel or crithmum maritimum is an edible wild plant, found plenty on the coasts of Greece. Difficult to harvest when growing in rock crevices high up the sides of cliffs, currently regarded as a speciality food that is very popular among chefs.
11,50 €
These edible bulbs are collected in the wild. In Greek it's called βολβοί, Βροβιούς Volví, Vrovioús. A rare, "luxury" and great gastronomic experience, a real delicacy for the people of Ikaria.
14,00 €