preserves, marmalades & jelly

Our range of preserves includes jams, jellies and marmalades. Great to accompany breakfast toasts or afternoon scones. Each single jar is handmade from cooking to bottling and prepared with care.

Quince, wine & ginger jelly is a clear, bright and sweet jelly, rich in fruit and full of flavor. It pairs perfectly with any cheese plate, particular with hard sheep's milk cheese or with cold meat plates.
Honey & strawberry tree fruit spread has a special texture, it combines earthy sweet taste from the fruit and fragrant notes from honey. Perfect for breakfast on a slice of freshly baked bread or to accompany afternoon tea as a snack with scones or biscuits.
Tomato, orange & chili marmalade is a bright and refreshingly spicy preserve, rich in fruit and full of flavor. Goes great with goat's cheese and freshly baked bread or with cold meat plates.
6,00 €
Apricot preserve is a golden, rich in fruit and full of flavor jam. Mouthwateringly good when spread on freshly baked bread, scones and brioche.
5,00 €