When in Icaria

taste the slow rhythm of a less hurried life

For the Sea & Sun Lovers

Nas beach
If you would like to dive in crystal clear water, sunbathe and then walk just a few meters up to a 4000 years old ancient temple this is your beach. Nas is the hippie nudist beach and the best sunset spot on the island. The remains of the sanctuary of Artemis sits on its sand, and the emerald Chalaras river leads into the sea. The water is perfect but just note if it is windy you should be careful. A must do in Ikaria.

Seychelles beach has been included on a list of the 10 most magical hidden beaches “where you’ll find peace and perhaps just one or two other people”, compiled by the UK’s Stylist magazine. About 20 km southwest of Agios Kyrikos with crystal clear azure water, Ikaria's hidden beach, is accessible only on foot and by sea and was created several years ago by a landslide of rocks during the opening of a tunnel to create the road to and from the village of Manganitis. Difficult to get but worth it.

Agios Giorgis
Agios Giorgis beach is a beautiful and remote sandy beach, located at the north-eastern end of the island in a protected cove. Above the beach stands the secluded tiny Chapel of St. George and Drakano Tower. Access is on foot from a path by the tower of Drakano. Vehicles stop near Agios Giorgis, then walk the path to the beach for about 25 minutes. Or hire a boat and reach the beach by sea.

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For the Nature & Hiking Lovers

Ikaria's notable network of mountain paths known as monopatia is a web of routes that connects villages.

A hiking guide "Round of Rahes on Foot," published by the local municipalities details tracks and trails on the west of the island and also maps out a 15-mile tour along monopatia through the hills and villages of northwest Ikaria.

The trek brings hikers through farmland, bush, forest, past lakes, along donkey tracks, skirting goat herds and introduces visitors to the unhurried pace and uncomplicated nature of Ikarian life where doors are left unlocked and almost everyone uses the honor system.

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For the Spa Lovers

After a hard day of tramping, trekkers can rejuvenate aching muscles at the mineral bath houses of Therma -whose waters, according to the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, have the highest concentration of the therapeutic element radon in Greece, or look for the steam rising from various spots around the coast like Lefkada, where heated water emits and joins the Aegean.

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