Quince, wine & ginger jelly is a clear, bright and sweet jelly, rich in fruit and full of flavor.
Foie gras with fig & plum chutney is the perfect plate for adding some luxury to your feast dinner.
We prepare beautifully presented gift boxes in different sizes.


taste the rhythm of a less hurried life
All our products are of limited quantities, handmade and prepared with care from cooking to bottling and packaging. There are no artificial colors, added flavoring or additives.
Ikaria is a Greek Aegean island in the far east of the Mediterranean, one of the few places in the world where people lead healthy, active lives past the age of 100.
A collection of recipes from Ikaria island as well as from all different cultures, suitable for every occasion.

Icaria Pure was created to share and celebrate the fine local foods

that reflect the special character of this Greek island.

We are purveyors of supreme quality honeys, preserves and jellies, chutneys & pickles, rare and wild herbs all coming from the beautiful, remote and unspoilt Aegean island of Ikaria. 

ICARIA PURE is supporting the island's relaxed rhythm that results a happier, less complicated and unhurried life. Our philosophy is based on Ikaria's lifestyle which is about a different perception of time urgency, slow eating, community spirit, simplify our lives and having fun with friends and family. 

Because of the island's remoteness and its residents approach which has nothing to do with industrialization and mass production, the island has been left largely undisturbed by the outside world. This means that the core ingredients of our foods -the soil, water and air- remain unspoilt and pure. 

We’ve used our local knowledge to find passionate beekeepers, devoted farmers and the finest local women's co-operative run business with years of experience so that almost everything is done by hand and with love.

We support island farming, cultivation of endemic species and an ethical approach to the flora and fauna. 

We only produce a limited amount of quantities, working only with what nature and our small farming units provide. 

We only use natural ingredients of the highest quality in our products. 

All our herbs, fruits and vegetables used are grown locally and seasonally, handpicked at the right time to maintain flavours. There are no artificial colours, added flavoring or additives. From cooking to bottling and packaging everything is done with the utmost care.

We hope ICARIA PURE will inspire people to embrace a different outlook on enjoying food and life.