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A superior selection of Ikarian honey, a true superfood and a must have in every kitchen's pantry. Perfect for eating straight or added to teas or as a topping over pancakes and crepes, a healthier alternative to sugar when preparing cakes and desserts.

herbs & spices

A wide variety of carefully hand selected herbs, that every well-stocked pantry should have. Made from the finest raw ingredients available in a loose-leaf form or in hand ground. Ikarian herbs, have a significant greater value in their properties than other species of the same family, in the rest of the mediterranean, according to studies from the agricultural school of the university of Athens.

These sea crystals, rich in magnesium and zinc, are a premium product, superior to all edible salt varieties. Ultra fresh clean seawater is collected from great depths in the Aegean Sea

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We prepare beautifully presented gift boxes in different sizes. Just choose from our range of gourmet preserves & jellies, artisanal honey, chutneys and pickles, herbal teas and kitchenware. Perfect gift idea for any food lover.